Judges and Police to Wear Hijab in Norway

While the majority of twelve in the committee voted for right to wear religious symbols, only a minority of three votes against this proposal, writes Aftenposten.

There has been considerable political resistance to police uniform regulations. The argument is that the police and judges should be completely neutral. However, it is permitted that soldiers can use Muslim headscarves, Sikh turbans and Jewish caps in Norway.

Labor Party Youth Organization politician Prableen Kaur is content with the Committee’s decision.

– Ethical Committee came to realize that society is getting more and more diverse and it will be necessary to have a framework that includes this diversity. It is an adaptation over time and reflects the future of society in a more timely manner, she said.

The report will be submitted to Culture Minister Hadia Tajik (AP) on Monday. 


However, Norway’s Pakistani origin Culture Minister Hadia Tajik states that the hijab is not part of the police uniform for the foreseeable future. She stated that her party’s stance is clear about the issue and there is no need to reopen the debate at this point.

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