King Harald: Become Who You Were Born to Be

Large parts of the speech were about integration, diversity and individuals’ inability to tolerate those who are not like them.

– When two parties stands straight on their way as the only truth, there is often conflict. This absolute certainty we find in individuals within all religions and cultures. But in the same environments, we also find people with a completely different attitude to life, the king said in his speech.

Tolerate differences

The king stated that the surface reason of this intolerance may look like religious conflict, but it is all about the individual ability to tolerate differences. It is the individual’s task to work on themselves to be a quite and safe person. If we manage that, we can also give others the freedom to be themselves, said King Harald.

Norway is part of the world

In his speech, the king also pointed how Norway is part of an increasingly global world.

– We can now hardly talk about our own country in isolation. We are a vast global community. Together we must resolve conflicts, environmental problems and financial crises. And together, we must learn how different cultures can live peacefully side by side, said he.

– I think that Norway still have a fresh look at what we mean by the word “integration.” People will be different, but I think the key assumption in this issue is  that different cultures can live well together if we respect each other’s differences, agree on basic human rights, and have opportunities to talk together, said King Harald.

He also said that individuals shall not limit the other’s way of life, said he.

Reference to The Lord of The Rings

After highlighting the multicultural competence and tolerance, the king unexpectedly referred to the famous movie, The Lord of The Rings:

– When the warrior Aragon in “The Lord of the Rings” went out to fight against the evil, he got this message: “Become who you were born to be,” said the king, and continued:

– Maybe it’s just strange that I, who was born to fill a specific role, cites this story. But I do it because there is a message in it that concerns all of us. I think the most important life task we all have is to be the best of ourselves. No matter how difficult life can be. Everything stems from this core, said King Harald.

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