OXLO Award Goes to Norway’s International Brain Hunter

The prize was awarded in Oslo City Hall by Mayor Fabian Stang on Wednesday, 28th of November. Dilek Ayhan has for many years been active in Norwegian organizations with a focus on increased participation and positive environment for children and young people from multicultural backgrounds. Through her work, and with the slogan “Diversity is profitable,” Ayhan helped diversity to be put on the agenda of Norwegian industry.

Dilek Ayhan is currently Managing Director of the company Alarga, which is working to improve the Norwegian industry’s competitiveness by increasing their intercultural competence. Alarga helps Norwegian companies (including DNB, Aker Solutions Statkraft, and Telenor) to attract, retain and develop talent with knowledge of other cultures and languages.

In 2010, Dilek Ayhan was selected to attend President Barack Obama’s international summit in Washington on entrepreneurship to develop cooperation between the U.S. and Muslim countries. In 2011, having been appointed by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, she participated in the second International Summit on Entrepreneurship in Istanbul. In 2012, she received recognition at EU level for her works, and was recently invited to share her experiences at a summit of female entrepreneurs organized by the European Commission

Dilek Ayhan has for many years led and participated in the European Association of Student Enterprises (JADE) and currently leads their international alumni networking and collaboration and strategic planning.

About OXLO Prize

OXLO Prize is Oslo municipality’s annual award to businesses and individuals who have made a significant effort to create an inclusive and open city, free of prejudice and racism. The price is 50 000 Norwegian Kroner. Previous winners were Nordic Black Theatre in 2010 and Vålerenga Against Racism in 2011.

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