Norwegian War Hero Spied for NATO in Yugoslavia

Norwegian War hero Trond Bolle who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010, was the member of a secret Norwegian intelligence group in the civil war-torn Yugoslavia in 1990. In the book “War hero – inside the secret Norway”, the two authors Hans Petter Aas and Rolf J. Widerøe writes the life of Bolle, the first Norwegian who has received the War Cross with sword after WWII.

Aass and Widerøe shows, among other things, Bolle’s secret missions during the conflict in former Yugoslavia. They reminded how U.S. planes mistakenly bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade on 7 May 1999. The real target was the Hotel Yugoslavia where the Serbian war criminal Zeljko “Arkan” Raznjatovic according to the Norwegian agent’s statements.

Also, information on Serbian war criminal “Arkan” and other intelligence came over Norwegian agents by nurturing close contact with local sources, including the Kosovo Albanian Army, KLA. 

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