Norwegian Police Extends the Detention of Extreme Right Blogger

On 6 June 2012,  extreme right blogger Eivind Berge has been jailed for two weeks charged with death threats against police.  The police believe the man who called for police killings on the internet is so dangerous that he needs to be held on.

– It is because there is a risk of recurrence of new criminal offenses, says prosecutor Rudolph Christoffersen of the Hordaland police district to NRK.

About the Case

The 34-year old Eivind Berge has active blogs on the web. On several occasions he encouraged and sometimes glorified the killing of police officers.

Eivind Berge, who has studied in the United States, has previously expressed sympathy with the 22 July terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. 34-year-old was arrested at home with his mother on Wednesday 6 July.

During the arrest, police found four cartridges of 45 caliber – and textbooks on blasting and explosives. Faced with the police, Berge had said said he is standing for what he has written on his blog, and that he writes the blog to “enlighten others.”

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