Today’s Headlines from Norwegian Newspapers

VG continues to cover the terror case with Breivik’s photo on the front page. The title of the newspaper is “Breivik spreads his hatred from his cell”. According to the article, 22 July terrorist Breivik has contacted  people from 20 countries for spreading his extreme ideology and the American citizen Kevinn (23) is one of those people. 

Talking to VG, American Kevinn prepares to write a book about him and his biggest dream is to meet terrorist Breivik personally.

Dagbladet’s front page is also covered by the terrorist Breivik’s photo. The title on the photo is “War on Breivik’s Heart”. In the details of the article, it is reported that Breivik has refused heart scanning.

Just above this story, a health tip appears about how to get maximum effectiveness from OMEGA 3. 

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