More ICT at Norwegian Schools

The report shows increased use of ICT at schools, but also
points out there are still some important challenges for achieving the goal of
digital literacy in the curriculum.

Secretary of State Elisabeth Dahle emphasizes it is
important that all municipalities have available quality equipment and the
digital expertise among  head teachers
and teachers are good enough.

The report also put light on the criticism level for
internet sources  for the first time.
Accordingly, teachers have a high awareness of source criticism. Also students
are critical to sources like Wikipedia and Google, but still says that they use
these sources more often than their books.

-When it comes to the use of ICT in teaching, both students
and teachers see the importance of digital literacy. It shows that we are on
the right track, says Dahle.

Digital literacy is one of five basic skills in primary and
secondary education at Norwegian schools. The annual teacher plans require ICT
to be used in all subjects at all levels.

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