Stripper Agent in Norway Arrested for Pimping

Indrek Mandre has been arrested in his home country with accusation of organized prostitution and organized sex crimes in Greece and Luxembourg.

According to TV2 , Mandre provided women to strip clubs “Dreams” in Bergen and Trondheim until last spring.

The manager of the strip clubs denies that women working as a stripper at his clubs are victims of trafficking and prostitution. He remarked that they are shocked about their partner's arrest and suggested they have a long list of people who want to work at their clubs because of good working conditions.

Last year, a group of female politicians in Norway had prepared a proposal for prohibiting strip clubs in the country. -Stripping Bars foster human trafficking and degrades women, said female politicians in the Labor Party(Ap), Centre Party(Sp), Socialist Party(SV) and Rød. 

Martin Hammer(SV) had stated that striptease is a part of dirty business and consolidates the image of woman as an object.

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