Possible Refund from the University of Oslo

As a consequence of the supplier Hafslund's incorrect electricity metering for SiO, the university initiates refund of money to all effected tenants.

Power provider Hafslund in the period had billed wrongly in Student Houses. Hafslund has taken full responsibility for wrong measurement and SiO has been repaid over 20 million.

The refund covers residents in the following places of residence and periods:

Tenants who have had leases in Borlaug / Fjellbirkeland for the period 1.1.2009 – 31.12.2010.

All Student Housing's tenants with leases in the period 1.1.2003 – 31.12.2008, at home without an individual meter.

How to get your money

Fill out a refund form on Print the completed form, sign it and send it to: Student Housing, Power Refund, PO Box 94 Blindern, 0314 Oslo.

the authorities said they process refund as soon as the refund form come in, but it may take a few weeks before the money is seen in your account.

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