Right Wing Parties Lose Their Financial Support

– Our companies have not provided any support for the parties this year, and we've decided that our support policy is over. It creates a lot of inconvenience for me and my family, "said Stein Erik Hagen to VG. Thus, both the Conservatives and the Progress Party will lose a significant support three months before an important election.

Hagen says he feels pressure from the governing Labour Party to stop the flow of money. He believes that the strategy of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and the Labor Party is deliberate to intimidate businesses and entrepreneurs from giving support to the bourgeois parties.

– In this way, the government weakens the opposition's economy and their resources in the campaign, "said Hagen.

An ongoing conflict between the government and Hagen

The conflict between the prime minister and billionaire goes back to 2008. Stoltenberg maintains that he hopes Hagen will contribute more to the community.

– I'll see if he can contribute more. He's certainly not getting any relief, "said Stoltenberg.

Hagen, as a response, noted that the Prime Minister made him a public enemy, and it is a very unpleasant experience for his family. He also added that he wants to withdraw out of the public debate.

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