FrP Blames UDI for Hijacking

Johansen sggested that UDI never notified the Immigration Police Unit (PU) that the man would be sent out of the country.

– I expect Storberget to request an explanation from UDI, and then inform the Parliament's Justice Committee about why this incident happened, "said Morten Ørsal Johansen. He also stated that they, in the Progress Party, expect more such cases in the future, if the necessary precautions are not taken.

Cooperation between the UDI and the police for voluntary return

On the other hand, UDI director Ida Børresen and Chief of PU Ingrid Wirum came together to discuss the attempt of hijacking of the plane from Oslo to Istanbul.

– We will assess whether there is a need for changing the rules and procedures for information exchange in terms of voluntary returns, "said Chief of PU Ingrid Wirum and UDI director Ida Børresen.

The two leaders will discuss possible measures to strengthen the system of voluntary return for the responsibilities which is transferred from PU to UDI. UDI was in October last year responsible for voluntary return, including security assessments.

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