9000 New Citizens Pass Loyalty Pledge to Norway

Last year, around 11 000 people got a positive response for their application to become a Norwegian citizen, while over 3 000 of them were rejected. On the other hand, this year according to the figures of October, 1200 more people received negative responses.

Citizenship – the granting and refusal

Year_______________________ Granting _____ Refusal

2009_______________________ 10 863 _____ 3 044

2010(till October)______________ 9 011 _____ 4 280

Also this year, most of the new citizens are originally from Iraq (so far this year 1,215 people). They are followed by Somalians, Afghanis, Russians, Iranians, Pakistani and Sri Lankans.

To become a Norwegian citizen, the residents have to have stayed in Norway for seven years during the last ten years. Illegal residence in Norway are not included in the calculation of retention time. Citizenship Ceremony

The new citizens participate in a ceremony to mark this. Citizenship ceremony for the new Norwegian citizens marks the transition to the Norwegian citizenship. It is voluntary for persons under 18 to take the oath of allegiance. Persons who have completed 18 years must pass a loyalty pledge. The ceremony gives the new citizens the opportunity to publicly display their affiliation to Norway.

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