Surveillance Scandal in Norway

TV 2 disclosed a surveillance scandal linked to the U.S. embassy in Oslo. The group, which is called Surveillance Detection Unit (SDU) was established in spring 2000 and located on the 6th floor of the so-called Trade building, located a few hundred meters west of the U.S. Embassy. While the American authorities argue that this issue was agrred with the Norwegian authorities, the Foreign Ministry told that they did not know about the surveillance.

The group, “Surveillance Detection Unit (SDU), according to TV 2 consists of 15-20 people, and are placed on the 6th floor of the so-called Trade building at the U.S. embassy in Oslo. In the surveillance team, there are several Norwegian former police tops and ex-employees from the Police Security Service and they have been paid by the Americans.

Surveillance Detection Unit (SDU)'s main task is to prevent terrorist attackts against U.S. targets in Norway, mostly embassy and ambassador's home. The group also be look for people who might attack the U.S. embassies in other countries.

According to TV2's report, Suspicious people and suspicious activities have been registered and often photographed. The reports are delivered to the embassy's security officer to be analyzed and then entered into a database called SIMAS (Security Incident Management Analysis System).

– Foreign powers can not do our duties

After the scandal has revealed, Police Security Service explicated that foreign powers should not be doing tasks that belong to the police.

– Police Tasks in Oslo, is only handled by the Norwegian police. No foreign actors should make such efforts, “said information officer Martin Bernsen in PST to NRK.

Justice Ministry and Foreign Ministry confirmed to NRK that they are familiar with the matter, but do not want to comment on the case.

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