Poles are Discriminated at Work

According to Norwegian daily, Dagsavisen’s report, the Poles have grown to become the largest immigrant group in Norway since 2004. According to official records, there are about 16,000 Polish just in Oslo.

Krzysztof Gajzler, from Norway’s largest staffing company, Adecco suggests that the conditions are worse for Polish workers in Norway in recent years.

80 percent of the Polish workers in Norway work in construction and cleaning. The widespread temporary working situation of these workers makes up the base of the debate.

The newspaper also wrote that the Poles have been a buffer for many companies in crisis. They have cut the use of hired labor in time of crisis, while they protected their own employees.

The survey also shows that wage dumping, illegal working conditions and exploitation among the Polish workers are still prevalent.Gajzler notes that some of them are tempted to take black jobs as they have family back home in Poland. He also suggest they have no guarentee about whether they will have work next day.

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