TV-Aksjonen Ends with Record Aid

100,000 of people worked voluntarily for weeks preparing for the Telethon (TV-Aksjonen) They knocked two million doors in Norway, which makes it the worlds biggest voluntary mobilization.

The Telethon has taken place every fall since 1974 and has become an institution and a tradition in Norway.

The Secretary General of NRC, Elisabeth Rasmusson. told that the Telethon has been extremely important for NRC and reminded that they started up activities in DR Congo, assisting repatriation in The Former Yugoslavia, and helping internally displaced people in countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Burundi, Angola, and Uganda, with the money from the last Telethon in 1998.

– The money from the Telethon 2010 will be used to help and protect people fleeing from war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the DR Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Occupied Palestinian Territory, and Colombia, with shelter, education, legal assistance, camp mangagement, food security, and distribution of food and non food items, Rasmusson says.

Over 200 Million

The Norwegian National Telethon is the world’s largest fundraising event measured in raised funds per capita and number of participants. This year event raised around 200 million NOK (Over 32 million USD). 100,000 donation collectors visited all Norwegian households during two afternoon hours on Sunday 24th of October.

Government Donated 35 Million

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store, announced the government's contribution to the event as 35 million.

– I have personally visited many of the countries where the NRC works. In these poor and troubled areas, displaced people often are desperate in the battle for resources. This makes our efforts for refugees and internally displaced persons more important, said the Minister.

Sivert Høyem has launched the song ”Prisoner of the road” in order to raise awareness for Norwegian Refugee Council, which is this year’s recipient of the Norwegian National Telethon.

About Telethon (TV-Aksjon)

The Telethon is an annual, nationwide Norwegian fundraiser for charitable purposes, which has been held since 1974. It is organized by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) in cooperation with selected organizations. The collection is done in several ways. The most important is volunteer mobile collectors going from door to door to all of Norway's 1.8 million households, but there are also gifts from companies and individuals directly to the collection, and that there is a tradition of having a live auction on NRK.

Refugee Council is the organization that has had the The Telethon most often. The action takes place on a Sunday in October each year and in this day, NRK1 sets much of its airtime to tell The Telethon and the organization behind it.

For Donations:

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