Strong Increase in the Internet Advertisement

Ad for NOK 188 million was sold in June, while the number reached to 121 million in July, reported Interest Organization for Interactive Marketing (INMA). According to the report, total Internet revenues grew by 26 percent in both June and July compared with the same month last year. The most appearent increase was found in sales of brand advertising, which increased by 23 percent in June, and 37 percent in July compared with the same period of the last year.

Expecting More Growth

– We have seen a sharp growth of the Internet throughout the year. Cumulatively, the Internet sales increased by up to 19 percent and exceeded all forecasts for 2010. Feedback from advertising and media agency members of the INMA indicates a strong growth further. Advertisers demand more digital productions and deeper implementation of digital strategies,” commented managing director of INMA, Børge Vike Sandy Engen.

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