Norway World Leader in Electronic Management

Norway is among the three leading countries providing public services electronically, and the Norwegians lead in the use of e-management services according to a new OECD report.

– The government has targeted to achieve all the requirements of the knowledge society, the broadband development and the renewal of the public sector with ICT. OECD report shows that we are achieving this. We are now a sample in this field internationally. It is both gratifying and inspiring, said renewal Minister Rigmor Aasrud.

The top three of the report were shared by Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The indicator tells the extent to which a country is prepared to reap efficiency gains of ICT in public administration. Norway managed to be in the top of electronic mangement thanks to its high broadband coverage and widespread use of ICT in the population.

The report also shows that Norway spend more on health, social and education sectors and less on general public services than other OECD member countries. Norway has also two times more workforce in the public sector compared to the average of the member countries.

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