Military Expenditures Increased in 2010 Budget

The Government proposes to allocate NOK 34.9 billion for defence in 2010 with an increase of 1.47 Billion Norwegian Kroner increase compared to this year.

”The Government continues to strengthen the Armed Forces, and the budget illustrates the Government’s commitment to the ambitions of the long-term plan. I am very pleased that we have already increased the budget with NOK 500 million of the NOK 800 million increase by 2012 as agreed in the long-term plan. The high budget level signifies a maintained strategic focus on and military presence in the Northern regions, and it denotes a continuation of the high level of contributions to international peace operations under the auspices of the UN, NATO and the EU,” says Defence Minister Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen.

The budget for international peace operations sees a significant increase in order to maintain Norway’s operations abroad. Afghanistan will continue to be Norway’s most important mission,

More Investment Signalled

The Government proposes a total investment budget of NOK 9.7 billion, including an increase in armaments investments of NOK 65.6 million to a total of NOK 7.7 billion. The Government signals a further strengthening of the armaments investment budget in the long-term planning period. In accordance with the long-term plan, considerable investments will be made to continue the process of the restructure and modernisation of the Armed Forces.

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