Barack Obama in Norway to Speak at Oslo Business Forum

The former President of the United States comes to Oslo today to speak to Norwegian businesses.

One of the main topics for the conference is the future of technology advancement, with a particular focus on creating sustainable businesses in a digital era.

– He (Obama) complements the program in a brilliant way, given the fact that he led the United States during a period when the world underwent a digital transformation. Companies have seen tremendous growth and we have seen how the sharing economy has taken the world by storm,‚ÄĚ says founder and CEO of Oslo Business Forum, Christoffer Omberg.

President Obama will join a list of international speakers such as MIT professor Andrew McAfee, CNN Program Director Richard Quest and Oxford lecturer Dr. Chris Kutarna. In addition to the international speakers, Norwegian business representatives will be speaking. NHH researchers Sveinung J√łrgensen and Lars Jacob Tynes Pederesen, tech-expert Silvija Seres and Nordea‚Äôs Thina Saltvedt are on the list of confirmed speakers.

This is the second time Obama visits Norway. First time in 2009, he came to Oslo to receive Nobel Peace Prize.

A Group Photo with the President Costs 32000 NOK

The VIP tickets that give chance to get a group picture with the US 44th president cost 32000 NOK (around 400 USD).

The standard tickets to attend to the forum cost between 5,000 and 9,000 kroner, and all tickets were sold out in a short time.

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