Parties Agree on New Working Conditions in Norway

All four parties agree on all the points in the new Working Environment Act.
With the changes, the threshold for entering the labor market will be lower, and it will be easier to have temporary employment.
The agreed act also allows for more Sunday work and higher work termination age limit. 70-year limit for termination by the Working Environment Act is raised to 72 years.
Moreover the four parties agreed on introduction of compulsory activity and new responsibilities for social assistance recipients. 
While the government parties are pleased to have the new labor act, opposition parties are not very enthusiastic. 
Socialist Left Party (SV) leader Audun Lysbakken believes it is the bosses who can rejoice the amendment, while ordinary workers will not benefit from it.
– This Working Environment Act is especially youth hostile, says Lysbakken to TV2.
He believes the opening of more temporary employment will make difficult to get a permanent job especially for young people.
The Parliament will vote the proposed new labor laws on 24 March.


NTB / TV 2
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