Norwegian Parliement Approves Cermaq Case

This is confirmed after the Parliament late Thursday 20 June approved the bill regarding State Ownership in Cermaq ASA (Prop. 178 S (2012-2013)).

Handelsbanken is currently conducting a ”reverse Dutch auction” on behalf of the Ministry, related to the State’s possible purchase of Cermaq shares. The auction is open until Monday 24 June at 4:30 p.m.

The previous condition regarding a parliamentary approval on the purchase is now lifted, due to the actual approval referred to above.

About Cermaq

Cermaq is a Norwegian fish farm and fish feed company. The company is owned 43.5% by the Government of Norway and is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. The company has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway. The company has activities in Norway, Canada, Chile, Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

The company’s operations in fish farming are branded Mainstream and have operations in Norway, Canada and Chile. The company produces Atlantic salmon, coho and trout. In Canada the operations are on Vancouver Island with offices located in Campbell River and Tofino. In Norway the company operates through Follalaks with operations in Nordland and Finnmark while the operations in Chile are around Puerto Montt. The total production of salmon was 108,500 tonnes in 2011.

With the brand name EWOS Cermaq produces fish feed in both Norway, Canada, United Kingdom, Chile and Vietnam. The company has factories in Florø, Halsa and Bergneset (Norway); Coronel (Chile); Surrey (Canada), Westfield (United Kingdom) and Ben Luc, Long An Province (Vietnam). The Research and Development departments are located in Dirdal, Bergen (Norway) and Colaco (Chile). The total production of feed was 1,081,400 tonnes in 2011.

In addition Cermaq has minority ownership in grain wholesaler Norgrain (72,5%).

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