Telenor targets corporate responsibility challenges in new Sustainability Report

The company’s Corporate Responsibility department has released a Sustainability Report, providing a comprehensive overview of how Telenor seeks to address issues of importance to its stakeholders and its own business operations, such as business ethics and the role of telecoms as enablers.

“I am pleased to present Telenor Group’s Sustainability Report, which tells the story of how corporate responsibility is at the core of everything we do,” said Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President and CEO, Telenor Group. “I believe that our long-term success is dependent on how we interact with the societies around us. To us, corporate responsibility means using our business to add value to people’s lives, ensuring that our services are safe for our customers and being conscious about limiting our impact on the environment.”

Each section within the Sustainability Report addresses a particular issue of relevance to Telenor, such as the provision of safe services and supply chain sustainability. The Sustainability Report openly acknowledges the fact that operating in international environments is not without its hurdles. Approximately 80 percent of the report’s content delves into Telenor’s proactive responsibility efforts throughout its business units, while the remaining 20 percent addresses why doing “good” can sometimes be difficult.

“Whether it is about addressing negative impacts or reaching out to beneficiaries in different geographies, certain challenges are frequently encountered. It is my hope that we can stand out by highlighting these challenges in our report,” said Mai Oldgard, Vice President and Head of Corporate Responsibility, Telenor Group. “This report will tell you that while we have achieved much in terms of creating shared value in our markets, we are equally ambitious in our desire to achieve even more. Corporate Responsibility is not a one-off for Telenor Group. It is a part of our business.”

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