New Nordic Food broke boundaries and reaped success amongst game developers

New Nordic Food crossed previous boundaries by presenting the Nordic meal as an arena for networking and commerce for international computer gamers. A “New Nordic Computer Food” dinner was organised in partnership with Nordic Game Program during the international game fair Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

“Creating New Nordic Computer Food as a new input to the established Nordic Party, was an innovative way of bringing Nordic food to the attention of networkers”, emphasised Charlotta Ranert, Project Manager at New Nordic Food.

“Together we have raised awareness and expectations amongst the participants. We hope to continue working with the meal as a meeting place and broadening visibility of the Nordic Region in the gaming world. The new computer game “Jumping Suzy” about Nordic vegetables can be considered as a pioneer in its class”, summarised Jacob Riis, Communications Director at Nordic Game Program.

The Nordic menu, put together by Chef Pelle together with New Nordic Food, was prepared from local, Californian ingredients. Amongst the 130 guests the “Moose mini burger” was hailed at the top favourite. The moose meat was flavoured with juniper berries, caramelised red onions with Danish blue cheese on top.

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