FrP Requires Tine to Pay for Butter Crisis in Norway

According to Tr√¶ldal, groceries and food chains lost 43 million because of empty shelves during the so-called butter crisis. Progress Party agricultural policy spokesman, Torgeir Tr√¶ldal requires the market regulator Tine to compansate supermarket chains’ loss.

– Tine is a producer and market regulator. Nobody else is responsible for Norway’s running out of butter just before Christmas. I therefore believe it is convenient to ask Tine to cover the loss. Tine has even admitted that butter shortage was caused by a wrong assessment, says Tr√¶ldal.

About the Butter Crisis

Lower milk production and management problems at market regulator TINE had stripped store shelves of butter just before Christmas. American, Danish and Swedish TV channels had mocked the Norwegians’ butter shortage and a Danish merchant Karl Christian Lunde had handed out 2000 packs of butter for free in Oslo and Kristiansand.

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