Norway Needs More Foreign Workers

A dramatic improvement is underway in Norwegian economy. Statistics Norway (SSB) predicts that employment increases by 220,000 people within the next three years .

– There is a dramatic increase in demand in the Norwegian economy. Both private consumption and investment will grow strongly, "said SSB manager Hans Henrik Scheel to Norwegian daily, Aftenposten.

Scheel suggested that the strongest growth will be in the oil industry, housing, and power industry. SSB Boss also thinks that most of the new jobs will be covered by increased labor migration due to the lack of adequete labor force in Norway.

The representatives of various industries who talked to the newspaper aggreed that they are increasing production soon, and will need more employees. "The easiest way to meet this demand is to import labor force from abroad", says the industry representatives.

The record-high immigration is a new trend that is now beginning to settle in the Norwegian economy. Both SSB and Norges Bank assumes a net immigration of 45 000 each year from this year to 2014.

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