NOK 4 million to Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners

The Government proposes to support INTPOW – Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners – with four million NOK in 2010’s budget, reported on Government website.

Norway has world-class competence in several areas within hydropower and other types of renewable energy, grid operations, power markets and trading, says the Minister for Petroleum and Energy, H.E. Terje Riis-Johansen. I am pleased to contribute to the increased collaboration in the Norwegian energy sector regarding their international involvement. This is an important effort to secure employment in Norway, increase the global access to climate-friendly and renewable energy and to foster economic development and enhanced security of supply in countries where it is most needed.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has taken the initiative together with the energy sector in Norway to support its internationalization efforts through INTPOW. The objective of INTPOW is to strengthen long-term value creation and employment in the Norwegian energy sector to make it even more competitive internationally.

The new organization is built according to the same structure as the Petroleum network INTSOK. INTPOW will focus on renewable energy sources like hydropower, wind power and solar energy. Major Norwegian companies build INTPOW together in a collaboration with the ministries of Petroleum and Energy, Foreign Affairs and Trade and Industry.

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