Service Center for Foreign Workers to be opened in Kirkenes

– Service Center is a fast and efficient way to facilitate that EEA nationals and Russian labor immigrants from the Barents region will be able to arrange the necessary permits to work in Norway. It is important that both migrant workers and employers get the best possible information about the Norwegian regulations and our wages and working conditions. The experience of service in Oslo shows that cooperation between the agencies contributing to improved service, faster processing and better information flow, “said UDI director Ida Børresen.

Workers from EEA countries,from countries outside the EEA, unskilled Russians from the Barents region and the Russian border commuters can apply for a work and residence permit in the center, in addition to seeking tax and transfers reported to the National Registry.

– It will be easier for Russian citizens to obtain a work permit in Norway. To ensure quick processing, we must ensure that the applications that come to the center is correctly completed and contains all the necessary information. It is also important that employers collect a confirmation from the nearest office of NAV for the cases that can not be covered by workers from Norway or EEA country, “said Deputy Department Director Christine Wilberg Poulsson.

Applications of seasonal workers, Russian border commuters and applicants for unskilled work from Barentsregionenen require an advance statement from the NAV.

Service Center in Kirkenes has an employee with Russian background who specifically will help in the guidance of Russian workers.

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