Popular ways for Norwegians to gamble online, Oddsnet’s odds tips, and more

Online gambling is a trend that has been on a steady upwards trajectory in recent years. More and more states in the US are moving towards de-regulation and allowing online betting. The Nordic countries are also seeing an increase in interest from the general public. Online gambling in various forms has been available for as long as the internet has been a thing, but it’s never been easier or more accessible to start gambling online than it is now.

And when it comes to this, Norwegians are no exception. Even if the only two gambling companies are registered in Norway are owned by the state, Norwegians with an interest in online betting still have some options available to them thanks to casinos registered in different countries. In this article, we will be shining a light on some of the most popular forms of gambling that Norwegians like to participate in.

But even if it might be somewhat of a hassle to access all of these games, interest is still high amongst Norwegians, and sites like Oddsnet’s odds tips are popular platforms to read amongst those with an interest in betting and gambling in general.


Lotteries in Norway are run and controlled by the state. Lotteries have for a long time been a popular form of gambling in Norway and are still a popular choice amongst those with a more casual interest in gambling overall. Even if it’s now possible to play on lotteries through online platforms, they look more or less the same as they’ve always done.

Horse racing

Norway, along with the rest of the Nordic countries, has a long and storied tradition of horse racing and betting on horse racing. Even if this has been seen as something older people generally have a disproportionate large interest in, more and more young people are starting to pick up an interest in horse racing as well.

Betting on sports

It should come as no surprise that Norwegians also have a massive interest in betting on sports. The most popular sport to bet on is football, which mimics interest in other gambling countries as well. Both the Norwegian league and various international leagues such as the Serie A, Premier League, and La Liga are popular choices amongst bettors. Interest in this is so high that websites like Oddsnet’s odds tips are popular sites to visit for those with an interest in the more complex sides of betting.

Video slots

With the more classic forms of gambling out of the way, we can start the discussion about online casino games and what titles and formats draw the most attention from the Norwegian gambling population. Video slots are today one of the most popular forms of gambling available online, full stop. As implied by the name, this form of gambling is on a slot platform and is accompanied by various unique soundtracks and animations that make them engaging and interesting to play. Even if these games are relatively simple to pick up and understand, they still offer a great deal of entertainment for the players. For those simply looking for a gambling experience where they’re able to lean back without needing to worry about visiting a site like Oddsnet’s odds tips or similar things to be able to enjoy themselves.

Classic casino games

Classic casino games such as blackjack and roulette may have been around for a couple of hundred years, but they’re still a very popular choice amongst gamblers today. Even if these games have been popular for generations, they lend themselves extremely well to a digital format. Oftentimes there are several different minimum bets available, and for those looking for a more classic experience with a bit of a lower pace than video slots, this is more often than not the game of choice.

Live casino

Live casino is a hyper-modern form of gambling that’s been increasing steadily in popularity for a couple of years now. As implied by the name, this is a form of gambling where the players tune in to a live-streamed feed of an actual dealer. This in turn leads to a gambling experience that is unlike anything else that can be found at online casinos otherwise. Even if it’s not the exact same thing as sitting at a table in vegas, it’s as close as one can get without needing to visit a land based casino and is therefore an experience that appeals to a large group of players.





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