3 destination that you should visit in Norway this summer

Summer is coming and people are preparing for the holidays. Made up of mountains, fjords, seas and rivers Norway is one of the most attractive places to visit in Europe.

As last year the main focus of the travel agencies is advertising mountain tourism in Norway. People who love nature must consider this option.

But, which are the best places to visit this summer in Norway? 

To answer this question we have asked Norwegian Travel and they list some places people are most interested.

Located in Møre og Romsdal region, Romsdalen has a lot of amazing hikes and drives to do. On top of that, travel agencies offer many activities and tours there. Another option is Rampestreken, a trail to an observation deck jutting from a rugged mountainside, with astonishing peaks and fjord views.

Also in Møre og Romsdal region is located Trollstigen, a mountain road which offers you a dramatic view.

Is a very good idea that you combine these destinations with visiting the main cities in Norway, like Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim, where you can enjoy the old architecture living in harmony with the modern one.

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