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Listhaug Becomes Norway’s New Oil and Energy Minister

Sylvi Listhaug has been appointed Minister of Petroleum and Energy yesterday. Her history denying climate science and her controversial political career...

Immigration Minister of Norway Sylvi Listhaug Severely Mocked

Listhaug’s diving in a survival suit in the Mediterranean Sea created a wide reaction both in Norway and abroad. The famous comedian John Oliver in his “Last Week Tonight” on HBO could not leave the case without his utterly sarcastic remarks.

New Public Health Minister of Norway: Let People Smoke, Drink Alcohol and Eat Red...

FrP politican and new Public Health Minister Sylvi Listhaug is making a scene with her statements again. As...

Labor Party of Norway Will Keep Refugees Out of Norway

Labor Party (Ap) is inspired from its Danish sister party to receive refugees in a third country. In a new action plan, Danish Social Democrats...

An Unusual Political Debate in Norway around Terror, Breivik and Trump

The controversy around Norway Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug's latest Facebook post fires up again with new accusations against her. Progress Party politician and Justice Minister...

Norway Justice Minister’s Post Creates Another Controvery

Norwegian Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug published on Facebook a post accusing Labor Party (Ap) of defending terrorists. Ap and government members react to Listhaug's...

Russia and China are on Norway’s threats and risks list for 2018

Religious extremism is considered to be the biggest terrorist threat, but illegal foreign intelligence acivities by countries like Russia and China are also regarded...

The new cabinet of Norway: Equal representation of women and men, and new ministry...

The new cabinet is formed by Conservatives (Høyre), Venstre (Liberals) and Progress Party (FrP) In the new cabinet, there will be 10 women and 10...

The Government Will Allow Dual Citizenship in Norway

The government proposes double citizenship right in Norway. Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) wants to introduce dual citizenship, to make it possible to...

Liberal Party of Norway Wants Immigration and Integration Ministry

Liberal Party wants the ministry of immigration and integration in any government co-operation with Frp and Conservatives. FrP and Conservatives need the support of both...

Neo-Nazis in Norway Increase Their Activities: Training with Weapons

Right-wing extremist groups have increased their activities across the country since summer. Norwegian Jews believe politicians do not take the rise of right-wing extremism...

Sweden Immigration Minister Declines Meeting with Norway Immigration Minister

Sweden's migration minister has canceled a meeting with Norwegian Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug (FrP) today. Sylvi Listhaug had an appointment to meet the Social Democratic...

Prime Minister Rejects FrP’s Closed Refugee Camp Proposal in Norway

On Thursday, immigration and integration minister Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) stated to NRK that rejected asylum seekers could be kept in closed refugee camps for...

Norway Immigration Minister Thinks Norwegian Values Are Under Threat

Norway's Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug believes the biggest problem for Norwegian values is immigration, writes VG. The debate about Norwegian values ​​and Norwegian culture has...

Norway Reacts to Trump’s Entry Ban

- Refugees and other people must be treated equally regardless of religion, nationality and skin color. US breaks this principle, says Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

Equality and Integration Minister of Norway Makes Headlines for Her Integration Advice

Norway’s Equality and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug (FrP) makes headlines internationally for having told Muslims ’we eat pork and drink alcohol’.

Norway’s Labor Party Will Prohibit Niqab

Norway’s largest party, Labour(Ap) wants a ban on niqab at all Norwegian schools and in higher education, writes Norwegian daily VG.

Lowest Number of Asylum Seekers to Norway since 1997

By the end of August, a total of 2 248 asylum seekers has been registered in Norway this year, a decrease of 73 % compared with last year.

Norway’s Main Priorities for the UN General Assembly

Norway focuses on refugee and migration crisis, violent extremism, youth unemployment, the spread of infectious diseases, and climate change.

Norway Integration Minister: Let Refugees Prepare School Lunch

Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug suggests that refugees can make school lunch. Both the refugees and the students win, believes she.

AUF Leader to Integration Minister of Norway: Throw That Crone Out of Government

Leader of Labor Party Youth League (AUF) Mani Hussaini calls Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug as crone. Hussaini is heavily criticized for his shabby language.

Almost all immigrants pass Norwegian language test

Nearly all the immigrants who completed Norwegian language introductory course last year, managed to pass the test, show the figures from the Ministry of Justice, according to P4.

Russia Will Not Accept Deported Refugees from Norway

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: We will not take the refugees back from Norway.

Norway’s Integration Minister: – Russia is Safe for Deported Refugees

Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug believes that asylum seekers who will be returned to Russia will be safe.

Record Number of Deportation from Norway

Police Immigration Service (PU) sent 7825 persons out of Norway in 2015. Never before PU deported so many.

New Immigration and Integration Minister to Tighten Asylum Policy in Norway

FrP politician and the new immigration and integration minister, Sylvi Listhaug will be responsible for immigration and integration issues in Norway in the new year.

Norway Returns Conserved Seeds to Syrian Gene Bank

Svalbard Global Seed Vault returns the seeds from Syria. The seed were kept in Norway to protect the plant diversity of the war-hit country.

Food Minister: Food in Norway Is Very Expensive

Norwegian Food and Agriculture Minister Sylvi Listhaug thinks food has become too expensive in recent months.

Norway to Have Animal Police

Norway will test a project for establishing animal police unit for the first time in Norwegian history.

Farmers of Norway March in Oslo

Thousands of farmers marched in Oslo to protest the government’s proposed increase to the subsidies.