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Norway Reacts to Trumpís Entry Ban

- Refugees and other people must be treated equally regardless of religion, nationality and skin color. US breaks this principle, says Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg.
Norway Reacts to Trumpís Entry Ban
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Norway will continue to accept refugees and the US have the same responsibility, notes Prime Minister Erna Solberg. she notes to NRK that they must fight against terrorism, but it is wrong to put so many people from certain countries in a certain category and deny their freedom to travel.

Solberg points out that all countries have a duty and a responsibility to protect refugees.

Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug says the Norwegian policy in this area is solid and emphasizes that Norway will continue to accept quota refugees, writes NRK.

Foreign Minister Brende says to NRK that Trumpís decision is "extremely regrettable."

- The prohibition could create more conflicts, increased tensions and creates more mistrust. It is a questionable measure in the fight against terrorism, writes Norwayís biggest political party Laborís leader Jonas Gahr StÝre on his Facebook Page.

Many other world leaders made similar comments about Trumpís radical decision by pointing out that the US entry ban is a gift to the extremists.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that refugees who are rejected by the US is welcome to his homeland.

However, criticism does not seem to make an impression on the new American president. On Sunday morning, he tweeted that America needs secure borders.

Ont he other hand, Trumpís decision received support from Czech President Milos Zeman praised Trump for his concern about public safety. He said that Trump protects his country and European elites should do the same.

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