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FRP Top Politicians Shock: "They are Victims of the Norwegian Immigration Policy"

Local FRP (Progress Party) top politicians blamed Labour Party for Anders Behring Breivik's having killed 77 people on 22 July.
FRP Top Politicians Shock:
Previously, it was revealed that Terrorist Breivik was a former member of FrP and very active user of FrP's young organization's online forum.

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According to VG, Trond Roed- the leader in Buskerud FRP- said "bomb plot in Oslo and the cruel actions of Utøya gave Norway the first victims of today's immigration policy".

On the other hand, Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad wrote that the Progress Party politician Rolf Tjernes in Sarpsborg wrote on his Facebook page «This guy flipped as there are too many muslims in the country, and people now will vote for the party which let them in».
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