Norway is again the Best Place to Live for Both Natives and Immigrants

Photo : Geir Halvorsen.

The country has kept its place since last year. Norway’s best performance is in the Social Capital sub-index, where it ranks 2nd in 2015. Norway’s lowest rank is in te Safety and security sub-index, where it ranks 8th.

This year Singapore ranks 1st in the Economy sub-index, up from 2nd last year, displacing Switzerland. The country has the second highest capital per worker in the world: $240,750 per worker. 47% of the country’s manufactured exports are classified as ’high-tech’, the third highest in the world.

Most Immigrant Friendly Country

Norway is one of the five most tolerant countries towards immigrants together with Canada, New Zealand, Iceland, and Ireland . The UK comes in at 17th. 92% of Canadians believe that their country is a good place for immigrants; this figure is 90% for Norway, New Zealand, and Iceland; and 89% for Ireland.

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