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A Norwegian Boat May Join Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Norwegian Daily, Klassekampen reported that convoy attack motivated the Norwegian activists to send a Norwegian boat to Gaza.
A Norwegian Boat May Join Gaza Freedom Flotilla
Photo by Ulf Carmesund, Kristen Vänster-Broderskapsrörelsen / The Rachel Corrie include supplies, paper and school bags from Norway, and there are prominent passengers suc as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Mairead Maguire and former Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Denis Halliday.
While the Irish cargo ship MV Rachel Corrie approaching to Gaza, the excitement about the reaction of Israel rises. MV Rachel Corrie had technical problems and it again set on the journey with more passangers towards the point where the main ship in the Freedom Fleet, Mavi Marmara, was attacked by Israeli troops.

After the massacre at Mavi Marmara, the Israeli Navy warned that they are ready to stop the new boats.

Eventhough some Israeli officials said they will escort Rachel Corrie to country, the organizers warned the passengers on board to sit quietly with her hands clearly visible to prevent Israel present the use of violence as self-defense, wrote Klassekampen.

Irish Politicians Declares Safe Arrival

The Irish Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee called the Israeli Ambassador, Zion Evrony for a meeting for ensuring that the Rachel Corrie reaches unharmed and unhindered. However, as Evrony did not attend to the meeting, it was postponed. On the other hand, Prime Minister Brian Cowen urged Israel to let Rachel Corrie complete their journey as planned.

A norwegian Boat?

While the reaction of Israel against the new aid boat is being waited , the Norwegian Palestine Committee said that the killing of activists has had a mobilizing effect among people, rather than fearing. Line Khateeb, head of the Palestine Committee talked to Klassekampen and stated that they get some inquiries for participation from Norway with a boat.

(KlasseKampen, Oireachtas)
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