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The Nordic Page, as Norwayís only printed English news publication, is more than an ordinary magazine; it is a leading resource that helps English speakers to be able to understand the region through its dynamic web and mobile edition at www.tnp.no. We invite you to experience this innovative, informative and reliable news resource for Norway in the English Language.

Why English: What Is the Background of This Project?

Beyond the common sense aspect, that most Scandinavians speak English well, the increasing multiculturalism in Norway boosts English language usage more than ever. An increasing proportion of the international community living in the country also communicate in English. As more people are continuously attracted by the regionís educational and business facilities, this English speaking community is growing rapidly.


  • 213,035 have a European background,
  • 61,000 from Africa,
  • 27,500 from America and Oceania,
  • 186,255 Asian and the rest of the World.

There has also been a dramatic rise in the number of foreign students who choose Norway for periods of study at Norwegian institutions. In 2010 there were 6,054 foreign exchange students attending Norwegian universities and colleges and a total of 14,648 international students in Norway in 2010.


The Norwegian Statistics Bureau shows that Norway is one of the leading tourist attractions in Europe. Last year, almost 6 million international guests stayed at Norwegian hotels, camping sites and holiday dwellings over four seasons.


Additionally, Norway enjoys a righteous worldwide reputation in its environmental and humanitarian activities, close cooperation with other countries in the High North, the Nordic region and Europe, and it is also continually broadening its geographical perspective, in the direction of new economies. This issue has now attracted widespread attention of the curious international readers to Norway.

What Are We Here to Achieve?

The Nordic Page (previously, The North Post) aims to provide high quality, up-to-date and reliable news and analysis about Norway for the international community of Norwegians who communicate in English as well as international readers who are interested in the region. The key aspect of the content, served to these diverse readers, is as much inclusive and informative as possible so as to inform the audience about all issues regarding the region. Another purpose is to make the content easily available to everyone through the creation and the development of print, mobile and electronic media creatively to meet diverse needs. The Nordic Page is the only printed English news publication in Norway. The paper, having published successfully since 2009, includes exclusive news and analysis on Norway. Moreover, it functions as an open forum for opinions and discussions presented by leading figures of Norway from diverse backgrounds. The Nordic Page guides its readers to understand Norway culturally, politically and economically in the most practical way.

What Can You Read in TNP?

The Nordic Page aims to inform the international community about Norway and functions as a unique platform where people have the opportunity to voice their opinions and participate in open debates about issues that concern them.

We have diverse categories directed to attract readers. Our professional reporters and editorial board work very hard to maintain the excellence that is expected from them. Here are the categories in The Nordic Page and tnp.no to inform our readers about all aspects of Norway.

  • Daily Norwegian Press Review
  • Domestic News in Depth
  • Daily Business & Market News
  • Interviews
  • Expat Views
  • Arts & Culture Guide
  • Opinions and Commentaries
  • Education
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Special Editions

Readers Profile

The Nordic Page is delivered in the country via a home delivery network and subscription system. Its audience ranges from expatriates to diplomatic circles, from business investors to foreign tourists and from international students to non-profit and international community groups in Norway. The Nordic Page reaches a dynamic, well-educated and driven audience.

Delivery System

The Nordic Page utilizes diverse delivery and subscription systems to circulate its print edition. Thanks to our strategic distribution network with institutions, foundations and communities, we have the ability to reach almost any household in the country.

  • The Nordic Page has circulation up to 3,000 eight times a year.
  • The 52-page-magazine is printed on 90g quality glossy paper with a 150 gr cover in Norway by the printing house GrÝset Trykk AS.
  • It is distributed by Norwegian postal service, Posten Norge.

The distribution is done in two ways:

1 - Addressed to individual and institutional subscribers in Norway and abroad :

This group of subscribers mainly consists of all embassies in Norway, business and cultural associations of international communities, all public and university libraries in the country and state institutions and subscribers living in other countries.
The annual subscription fee for Norway is NOK 398 and NOK 448 for readers residing out of Norway.

2 - Complimentary readership:

The Nordic Page is also delivered to our contractual cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels in the center of Oslo, Stavanger, and Trondheim (112 stores in total). These central places receive the newspaper and have it available for their customers to read. We continue to increase this distribution network across the country with continuous aggreements with both commercial and non-commercial institutions to reach both the residents and tourists in Norway, on holiday or going about their day to day business.

Work with the Marketís Pioneer

The Nordic Page builds on its reputation as the countryís premier paper and news resource with exceptional columnists and dedicated staff who provide in-depth coverage of events in Norway. We also have agreements with the leading syndication organization, Project Syndicate and regional and international English publications to publish selected feature stories, articles and news. Moreover, we are dedicated to be the most innovative media service provider for all informational needs

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